CPG 235 Accelerator

“In order to ensure that data risk management is not conducted in an ad hoc and fragmented manner, a regulated entity would typically adopt a systematic and formalized approach that ensures data risk is taken into consideration as part of its change management and business-as-usual processes.

– Clause 20 of CPG 235

Data risk for financial institutions, under CPG 235 should be overseen by rigorous and well-structured processes to ensure the reliability of their data. We make sure that you have a thorough and complete process to meet compliance.


Get the most from the data you have, and make sure it stays secure. NovoFinity ensures that you’re able to operate optimally and that you are bulletproof.

Regulatory intervention

CPG 235 is a set of regulations requiring organisations to take full responsibility for all areas of their data management. They may have a different scope and context, but their common goal is to help companies better understand and manage their data landscapes by putting in place the right capabilities across people, process, and technology.

This is all done relatively easily within our purpose-built governance framework to ensure that all relevant internal and external stakeholders have timely access to accurate data to support their decision-making. Moreover, that any associated risk is also managed appropriately within the wider organisation’s risk appetite.

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