Frameworks & Accelerators

Starting from scratch on any endeavour is difficult. With our Frameworks & Accelerators, you can get the best outcome for your business by leveraging our unique experience without reinventing the proverbial wheel and without the huge investment in time and resources normally required.

BCBS 239

The effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting within the finance sector is notoriously difficult. With our BCBS Accelerator it becomes a simple, streamlined process that will have you meet and exceed the stringent requirements.

CPG 235

The CPG 235 Accelerator provides a detailed and useful framework that will provide a capability for your regulated organisation to manage data risk in a visible, and sound methodology to guide managerial and operational specialists.


Gain greater insight and Business Intelligence from your JobPac  Connect implementation. NovoPac is an appliance with sophisticated processes & structures pre-built, greatly reducing the time and effort required to reap business value. 

Data Protection

If your data is sitting idle it’s useless. If it’s used incorrectly, it’s dangerous. Setting up the correct data governance frameworks can prevent issues and ensure the policies and metrics are in place to help you meet your business objectives.

We’ve developed optimised solutions for many data and risk challenges that are battle-tested. Why spend time and resources on reinventing the wheel?

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