Welcome to the NovoFinity Data Quality Self-Assessment.

The media is full of stories of multi-million dollar losses, fines or missed opportunities due to data quality issues. As such, data quality has become quite a hot topic for our clients and a term synonymous with trusted decision making. It forms a key pillar for extracting business value from your data and enables trust in the data you base important decisions on.

Whether we are striving for accuracy, consistency or any other of the data quality pillars, data quality should be front of mind at all times in the way we collect and use data. 

In our experience, clients who have access to good quality data are equipped to make informed and trusted decisions based on data and not intuition, and generally outperform their peers.

This is an abridged self-assessment based on NovoFinity's comprehensive data management maturity assessment. The result from this self-assessment could provide guidance on next steps.

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Do you perform data quality analysis on business critical data and/or data that drives business decisions on an ongoing basis?

Can you easily determine the root cause of a data quality issue?

Do your users trust the data being delivered to them?

Do you have policies in place for data quality metrics and accountability?

Is accountability for your data quality assigned?