Welcome to the NovoFinity Data Governance Self-Assessment.

Data governance is considered the glue that binds together all the other data management capabilities in an organisation. It helps organisations build or change to a culture that is more data driven and manage data as a corporate asset.

It provides leaders in the organisation with the comfort that they are not only building a business fit for the future but also one that is compliant to regulatory requirements and mandates from corporate controlling bodies.

We have first hand experience of the benefits of knowing your data assets, knowing who assumes responsibility for each data asset and the positive benefits this has on investment in data initiatives; including reduced IT spend and responsible capability uplift.

This is an abridged self-assessment based on NovoFinity's comprehensive data management maturity assessment. The result from this self-assessment could provide guidance on next steps.

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Do you implement enterprise-wide data governance?

Do you have a full list of data/information assets and determined criticality of each asset?

Does every information asset have an identified owner, steward(s) and/or custodians?

Are data and information risks identified, assessed consistently and managed within the organisation?

Is Information Management training included in corporate induction programs?

Is Data management a key consideration for each and every initiative taken in the organisation (i.e. integrated into your delivery framework) and built into your change management framework?

Do you have data as an asset (e.g. intangible) on your company balance sheet with a proper valuation?

Do you measure the cost of acquiring and maintaining your data?